Thursday, September 25, 2008

ReMax World Long Drive Championship

I'm gearing up for this years finals in Mesquite Oct 21-25th. I'll be hitting the Yellow Hornet 7.5 with the UST LD3 @ 48.5". I'm feeling good and I'm ready to bring it on

We have a new Grid we'll be hitting on that I look forward to seeing. The LDA has done a great job taking Long Drive to the next level. Also new this year will be the drug testing, which I'm all for.

The Horsepower Tee Shot Tour "Big Shots" Titans at the Tee began airing on Speed TV.
Click here for airing dates.

The European LD event USA vs Europe was FANTASTIC! Those guys are some of the best group of guys I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Below is a recap of that event.

The United States beats Europe 6 1/2 - 2 1/2

On Sunday the 7th of september the inaugural JLG continents cup took place.
The six european players were ready to rumble and so were the six united states players. But so was the rain and under a steady downpour the players were introduced under the accompaniment of a Showband .
U.S.A. is the winner of the first JLG Continents Cup.Both Players and the Spectators who braved the element agreed that regardless of the awful weather condition, this event has a tremendous future,it was fun, it was fast paced and it was exiting.No records were broken and the longest drive was a mere 289 meters (± 315 yards ), but when you consider the tremendous headwinds and a grid without roll, the results were awesome.

Paul Glazier writes at forum : ".... in the worse conditions I've experience as a longdriver. Conditions: Atrocious (think 2008 British Open) - gusty 20-30 mph headwind, overcast with heavy rain showers, sodden grid (zero roll)."
The highlight of the introduction was without a doubt the singing of the U.S national anthem by Pat Dempsey, a member of the U.S. squad.

The members of the U.S.A. team were Sean Fister ( capt.) Pat Dempsey, Carl Wolter, Brooks Baldwin, Vince Howell and David Mobley.
The Europeans were Adam Stacey, Daniel Konyk, and Joe Miller ( U.K.) Patrik Andersson, Mikael Lindblom ( S.E.) and Janos Uotila (Finland)

The competition started with a fourball better ball format.
A competition where 2 players of each team for vie for the longest drive.
Although the U.S.A. lead 0-3 after this part of the competition, the distances had been close.
The rain kept coming down, and the players had to contend with a stiff head wind, at times the minimum distance requirement of 250 meters weren't even reached.

The second discipline was the foursome aggregate format.
This is were the distance from the two team members are totaled up.
The U.S. won the first two and the score was 0-5 and a whitewash was a possibility,
Europe won the last of the foursome 1-5

At each competition changeover players and spectators alike were entertained by a bevy of beautiful cheerleaders, which made us forget the miserable playing conditions for a moment.

The last form of competition were singles, worth 1 point each.

A simple matter of arithmetic, the europeans needed to score six in a row to win.
First single Europe 1 up, score 2-5, second round singles, both competitors all six ball out of bounds 1/2 - 1/2
Score Europe 2 1/2 - U.S.A 5 1/2.
The U.S.A wins the next singles.

That's it for today. Pop me a comment or question. I'll be happy to reply.

Keep hitting it long & straight

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