Friday, November 21, 2008

Used Demo Drivers for sale at Horsepower Golf at a great price $80. If you were thinking about getting into long drive, this would be a great place to start. You can check it out here DEMO DRIVERS

The Horsepower Tee Shot Tour has HUGE things in store for 2009. It’s still under wraps but it is going to be VERY EXCITING. The goal is to have long drive recognized in the main stream of sports and we’re heading in that direction! So start practicing and get in shape ‘cause the qualifier is right around the corner. We’re shooting for a qualifier in March. The location has not been disclosed yet but will be soon.

A big shout out to my European Long Drive buddies. How’s the weather?

I’d like to have another video chat soon, so if you have any power swing tips you’d like me to address, or questions about equipment, please send me a quick e-mail, this’ll give me a heads up so the “lesson” will be concise and not so repetitive. E-mail me at

Have a good weekend everyone and Happy Thanksgiving.

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