Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Indoor Simulator

Just wanted to let the LD community know that Horsepower Golf has "indoor" LD simulators ready for this years use. We are mobile and ready to do "Your" next event. I will have all the literature and pictures of the unit and "How it Works", on my site in a few days. The Indoor units will never take the place of an event on grass, but let's face it, times are changing and the more affordable events we can have, the better. Like I said, in a few days we will have all the details up on the site and will also let you know right here on my blog,as well as on Incepta and of course on Horsepower Golf.If you have some ideas, give me a call and we'll get the ball rolling. Hope to talk to you soon, Pat Dempsey 818 353-6717

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