Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TaylorMade TP r7 SuperQuad 282

Right Handed 8.5

One of the rarest tour heads ever made. The regular TM r7 SuperQuad (tour issue) is one of the most requested heads ever made, but what makes this so special is TM revised this head even more and named it "Proto 282". What it did was reduce ball spin and increased ball speed. These were made "ONLY" for tour players. They only made so many and these are the last of the bunch! I recommend you do some research on line to learn more about this rare head. Outside the performance, the only way to determine the "282" from the standard tour issue is the "OD" of the hossel. The 282 is 11 mm whereas the standard is 13 mm. Thus making it easy to adjust loft and face angle. Please feel free to email me any question you'd like, even regarding the authenticity of the head.
I can adjust the loft, lie and face angle at no risk to buyer
Give me a call 818.353.6717 for details

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