Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ELD European Open & JLG Continents Cup '09

This years ELD European Open and JLG Continents Cup will be held at the PGA's KLM Open.
During this event we will have the best, biggest and with 30 to 40 thousand visitors each day, the most visited and watched longdrive event in the history of the sport.
In the ELD European Open is already a minimum prize money of 30,000 Euro. (43,000 USD)

On Saturday the 6 best American longdrivers will compete against the 6 best European longdrivers for the honer of there continent in the 2th JLG Continents Cup.
The Europeans will be on the top of there game as the Americans have taken home the JLG Continents Cup in 2008.

With an professional international organization crew, amongst others Pat Dempsey, this event is bound to top everything ever seen in Europe.

For more information and about how to register for these great events, Please email us at

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