Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sept 19th Event for Ben Witter

Come help Ben win his fight for cancer for the 3rd time.

September 19. 2009
Red Tail Run at 9am start time. Register at 8 am.
520 West Grove Rd
Decatur IL. 62521
ph: 217-519-3110
home: 217-864-4176

Entry $300
Format: 1st round 18 balls, 2 rd 12 balls, 3rd 6 balls
Open, Senior and SS division. Senior and SS division if we can get enough entries. Please mark down Open, Senior or SS on check and mail check by September 1st.

50% of field will advance to next round. 75% of entry fee goes to Ben, 25% as prizes.

Guys i do not know Ben, but I feel this is something I need to do. I also hope in your hearts ya'll will feel the same. I have been doing LD for 7 years and the people I meet are so great. Lets show everyone where our hearts are. I'm looking for 50 or more LDer's to make this work for Ben. Our gold for Ben is $10,000. If Ben is able he may do his show.

If you can't make the tournament and would like to make a donation or would like to donate prizes you can send it in my care at the address below. Also I need about 6 volunteers to help in grid and on tee box.

Sam Turner
6565 Majors Ln
Decatur IL. 62521
e-mail: sam.turner@adm.com

Sam Turner, QSTI

Manager, Decatur Emission Measurement

Office of Complaince and Ethics

Phone: 217-451-8174

Cell: 217-519-3110

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