Saturday, November 7, 2009

Swing Fit Tour Van has the ATTAS shaft in stock

UST Mamiya is proud to announce their new high end premium ATTAS golf shaft. ATTAS is the first shaft using the UST Mamiya Japanese design team and input from US and European Tour pros.

UST Mamiya claims the most explosive power to weight ratio in golf. UST Mamiya achieves this by using high grade, ultra thin modulus graphite hand crafted under very tight quality control measures to produce a shaft that stores maximum energy to be released at impact. UST Mamiya has created three models and based on the targeted golfer of each model the perfect weight, balance and staight shaft produces optimal results for that player. Because of its balance and weight matched with just the right amount of torque, the ATTAS produces superior feel and kick on top of accuracy and control.


There are 3 mid kicking models available, the 5R which is 53g with 5.2* of torque, the 6S which is 68g and 3.7* of torque and the 7S which is 77g and 2.9* of torque. Please note that the cpm numbers are using a 7" clamp as typically done by Mamiya OP which gives higher CPM numbers than what US specs may reflect (12-18 cpm more depending on method and machinery).

what the pros are saying: Tighter dispersion, longer carry, improved feel/feedback

The South African has been using a Fujikura Speeder 757 for several years, but changed to a UST Mamiya ATTAS 76 shaft in his driver.

According to UST's Randy Stuart, the ATTAS shaft has a special woven carbon fiber material in the butt section that increases the shaft's hoop strength, making it extremely firm and solid feeling. The ATTAS also features a rigid mid-section that is made from high-modulus graphite.

The ATTAS is different from the popular yellow and black AVIXCore Tour Red (used by players like Davis Love and Stewart Cink) in the tip section. That shaft is extremely stiff in the tip, but the ATTAS is relatively flexible.

Superior Design

  • Responsive Tip
  • Mid to High Launch Design
  • Stiff Mid Section Profile
  • Stabilized Butt Section
  • Constant Taper Profile

Superior Performance

  • Increased Ball Speed
  • Greater Carry Distance
  • Reduced Shot Dispersion
  • Preferred Feel by Avid Golfers
  • Energy Transfer = More Power
UST Mamiya Wins KLM Open with ATTAS Series

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