Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ProForce V2 LD will be Back with Vengeance at the 2010 Re/Max World Long Drive Championship in Mesquite, NV

Producing dominating distance and world-class consistency for the world’s biggest hitters, the popular ProForce V2LD ‘Long Drive’ graphite shaft manufactured by UST Mamiya® has captured the spotlight at the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship in the past and is looking to dominate again at this years world long drive finals beginning Oct. 27 – Nov 6 2010.

The fast-paced RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship attracts big hitters from more than 125 countries every year in a quest for the longest drive title and a chance to win more than $500,000 in total earnings.

Notables such as former NBA superstar Rick Barry, who won the inaugural Grand Champion Division title back in 2007 in a tight battle with LDA Hall-of-Famer Fred Hooter. Barry used a ProForce V2LD2 shaft in his driver and prevailed with a 349-yard blast down the grid and he plans on doing it again. California firefighter Sheila Kelliher unseated defending champion Phillis Meti in the Women’s Division with a 338-yard drive which was powered by a ProForce V2LD graphite shaft.

Patrick Dempsey, owner of Horsepower Golf of Sunland, Calif., No stranger to hitting the long ball, Dempsey is the 2002 RE/MAX senior world champion and he co-designed the V2 LD shaft with the UST Mamiya engineers. Pat will be suited up with the V2LD3 (a 2X flex) competing in both the senior & super senior divisions.

“I’ve competed in long drive events for many years and the Proforce V2 LD performs unlike any other shaft I’ve ever played. It provides an entirely new level of performance, especially for hitting the long ball,” says Dempsey. “I designed the shaft so the average weekend golfer with a swing speed of 90-105mph could use the shaft as well. It comes in 4 flexes so if your swing speed is 90mph or 150mph, the ProForce V2LD has got you covered.”

“The ProForce V2LD Series is an entirely new shaft concept and UST Mamiya engineers have created a graphite shaft that is easy to load. It has an explosive release of energy at impact that is like a bullwhip.” With the new black & pearl white color scheme, the ProForce V2LD is not only an explosive shaft – it’s great looking too.”

The ProForce V2 LD (at 48”), features a longer-than-standard length to target golfers looking for an explosive release of energy in a longer shaft. The parabolic shaft design —made two inches longer than standard with an increased parallel tip section — provides a perfect release for all golfers.

Overall, the ProForce V2LD is engineered to optimize performance with today’s 400cc to 460cc driver heads. Larger driver and fairway wood heads have increased hit-ability for many golfers, but in most of these larger heads, the head’s center of gravity (CG) has been moved further away from the center line of the shaft, a factor which places more stress and causes more twisting on the shaft. The V2LD’s low torque design provides the power and control needed, plus it prevents club heads from twisting open on impact, decreases the amount of back spin imparted onto the ball and enhances shot dispersion.

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Available through Horsepower Golf 818.813.6857

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