Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting Better - not Older

My buddy Greg W pointed something out to me and I'm actually proud to be on the list.
It is a very rare thing in this sport to actually do something at the world championship level that has never been done before, that others admire. Even when you win, somebody does that every year. Even if you win two in a row, that has been done a few times…even three in a row has been done by more than one person. What does everyone believe are the World Championship ONE-OF-A-KINDS that stand out? Here is what I’d start with:

4 Consecutive World Titles – Jason Zuback
5 World Titles – Jason Zuback
2 Titles World Titles the same year – Bobby Wilson
Compete in 4 divisions – Pat Dempsey
Youngest Open Division Competitor (16) – Dominic Mazza
Oldest Open Division Competitor (55) – Pat Dempsey