Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just Checking In

I’m on my way to Charlotte, NC for the Final stop on the Horsepower Tee Shot Tour . What a fantastic Tour this has been. John Mamoudis, the creator & brains behind this whole event, set out to expose the public to long drive and teaming up with Nascar drivers was a brilliant way to do just that. Nascar fans are perhaps the most loyal & supportive fans out there. They have now become fans of Long Drive as well.

If you’re in the Charlotte area Oct 8th, come join us at Cabarrus Country Club for our final stop on the tour this year.

In a few weeks we should be announcing the qualifier dates, where we will be looking to fill 4 spots for the 2009 Tour. This qualifying event will take place well after the ReMax World Long Drive Championship in Mesquite, NV. We want to make sure that everyone that would like to participate has plenty of time to prepare.

I posted some golf tips video on Horsepower YouTube to help you with your power drives. Apply thses tips to your swing and you'll be sure to qualify for next years Horsepower Tee Shot Tour.

On another note, I just wanted to give a shout out to Gary & Anne. Gary continues to make great progress in his fight against cancer and I hope to see him hitting balls on the driving range and getting a round of golf in very soon. As for my girl Anne…A Huge Kudos to you on your fitness journey. She has set herself attainable goals to ensure success. This is key when doing any fitness or weight loss journey. Setting goals: short term & long term - that are realistic, (yet challenging) so each day, week or month, you can look back and say “wow, I did that…and I know I can do it again” Be sure to go to There you will find great support when you need it and great people always. Also you can go to for more info on Beachbody.

Speaking of Scheffland, have you heard the Long Drive Theme Song that Jason Scheff wrote (and performed...what a voice he has!!!) specifically for "Big Shots" show. It Rocks. Check it out here Big Shots Theme Song

Well I’m off to the races. Don’t forget to tune in to “Big Shots” Titans on the Tee

Grip it ‘n Rip it!


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