Thursday, May 14, 2009

To have Muscle Tone, you need to have Muscles First

Regardless of the popular belief that lifting lighter weights is the key to toning, . Meaning the first step to a toned body is lifting big, and growing your muscles. Once you’ve done that, then you can need to get rid of fat, which will enhance your muscles and give them tone. Here are some things to keep in mind when building muscle tone:

  • Make Use of Free Weights – Using free weights, such as barbells and dumbbells, build stabilizing muscles that aid in balance and control. Meaning you will work more muscles, even those unintended. This will give you striations and definition versus one huge bulge on the intended muscle groups.

  • Train Well, Without Over Doing It – It is essential to train intensively to see results, which means adding reps and weight each session. By training hard, however, you must ensure you give your muscles adequate time to recover. Your muscles grow the most while you’re asleep, so make sure to get rest as much as possible in the evening. Another key point to consider is that you to make sure you don’t train everyday or work the same muscles more than once a week; also, keep the days you do cardio separate than lifting days.

  • Workout that Lower Body – The lower part of your body makes up about 70% of all the muscles in your body. Leaving them out of your training routine gives your body an unattractive spider-like look and the rest of the muscles in your body will lack the ability to grow larger. The majority of people skip out on a legs day, simply because doing squats or leg press are rigorous on your body. Instead, people should be excited for these reasons: the more intensely you work out, the more growth hormones you produce, and thus, stimulating more overall muscular development.

  • Form and Technique – This is a key fundamental of bodybuilding, often neglected. Using the wrong form not only compromises growth, but it will also make you vulnerable to injury.

lifting days.

Top 5 Tips for Quick, Lean Muscle Gain

Training at the gym for hours on end and not seeing results? Sometimes our bodies get used to the same routines, and even with eating right and training often, you may not be seeing the muscle gains you want. Here are 5 easy ways to enhance your gains three times faster than what you may be doing now.

#1) Hydrate - Our bodies are comprised of about 75% water, making it an essential nutrient for muscle growth and function. A level of just 10% dehydration can decrease your strength by 50% during training. To boost your performance and gains, hydrate your muscles, giving them the chance to work to 100% of their potential.

#2) Eat Carbs
- The low-carb diets raging through the market don't work for building muscle. Carbs are the energy your body needs to train and they are essential for both strength gains and bulk gains. Heavy training depletes your sugar storage, which creates a need for carbs to replenish and provide energy.

#3) Set a Limitation
- When it comes to weight training and building muscle, less is more. Heavy lifting tears apart your muscle tissue, creating a need for rest and time for them to repair and rebuild. Otherwise, they don't have any opportunity to grow.

#4) Compound Exercise - This type of exercise employs multi-joint movement, allowing all your muscles and joints of a particular area to function correctly. Compound exercise works all the muscles in a particular group at the same time, which in the long run, helps you lift more and achieve greater gains.

#5) Lift Big - As your training progresses, to continue building muscle, it is essential for you to increase the demand on your muscles. When forced to do more, your muscles will instinctively grow larger.

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