Friday, June 5, 2009

UST Mamiya Wins at Colonial

FORT WORTH, Texas - As much as last week's win at the Byron Nelson was an impressive display of power and accuracy, this week was all about precise shot making from both the tee and fairway. And, this year's champion of the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial trusted a UST Mamiya Proforce V2 86g extra-stiff flex shaft in his Titleist driver and Proforce V2 96g extra-stiff flex shaft in his Titleist fairway wood to deliver superior consistency and accuracy to shoot back-to-back 63s on a fabled course known for its demand on well-positioned tee shots and approaches.

"At Colonial, with its tree-lined fairways, there is a premium on driving accuracy," said Jim McIntosh, director of tour operations for UST Mamiya. "Since being named the PGATour's Comeback Player of the Year consecutive years and truly turning his game around to become a top player on tour, this year's champion has used the heavier-weight Proforce V2 to better feel the position of the club during the swing thus maximizing control. It has been a focus on optimizing spin and control, and the confidence to hit more fairways."

The shot-enhancing benefits and low-torque characteristics of the Proforce V2 have received industry acclaim for optimizing performance of today's oversized driver heads. The modern trend toward larger driver and fairway wood heads has increased hit-ability for many golfers, but the center of gravity (CG) of most larger clubheads is positioned further away from the center line of the shaft, a design trait which places more stress and causes more twisting on the shaft. The V2's low torque design provides the power and control needed for today's larger clubheads. Also, because the low-torque V2 prevents clubheads from twisting open on impact, the V2 reduces the amount of back spin imparted onto the ball and tightens shot dispersion.

AXIV technology in the new Proforce AXIVCore Series (played by winner of 2009 Byron Nelson) is a UST Mamiya exclusive, proprietary process of weaving specific high-modulus carbon fibers in the critical four axis directions necessary in shaft design to optimize stiffness, hoop strength, and torsional resistance, all in a single ply. The AXIV material resists deformation allowing the shaft to maintain consistent symmetry. The Proforce AXIVCore Series feature Blue, Tour Black, Tour Red models, and are now available in multiple weights and flexes to fit various swing profiles. The Blue is for the player seeking additional spin for longer carry distance, while the Tour Black is for the player seeking high launch, low spin and more ball speed. The Tour Red is for those players needing a very stable shaft that produces a penetrating ball flight with low spin. These counter-balanced models also reduce club heft to help players generate more clubhead speed for more ball speed resulting in longer drives.

High performance UST Mamiya graphite shafts are trusted by some of the world's top players, including UST Mamiya staff players Stewart Cink, Davis Love III and Rod Pampling.

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