Sunday, May 11, 2008

Working Out Pays Off

As you know, I signed up as an independant Beachbody Coach. I use the P90X video workout program as well as take their vitamin suppliments.. when you sign up as a coach, that doesn't mean you are an expert in fitness, it just means that you have committed yourself to getting fit & having a healthier life style and have commited to helping others get fit & improve their lives for the better as well.

Now here is what I wasn't expecting...

The Beachbody Program is an-On-Line Fitness Community.When you workout you have to log into WOWY (WorkOut With You) When you do this, you qualify to win a daily prize. This morning....Mothers Day...I just won $1000!!!!

I have been rewarded for working out and improving my life. How good is that? My buddy Jason has done so well with this program he was awarded April's Coach of the Month and won a trip for 2 to Mexico!...I'm sure he'll be calling me to join him any time now......still waiting Jas!
When Jason approached me a little over a month ago to try the P90X workout program I had no idea that Beachbody would become such an important part of my life. It literally is changing my life.... physically & mentally. Once I became a coach it has enhaced my life financially as well (that's the bonus!)

Jason is a walking billboard of what this program can do. He has a challenge going...1st place price is a song written for you personally by Jason (lead singer of my all time favorite rock band Chicago.) See Schffland for details

Decide to make a change in your life today...I'll help you.

Happy Mothers Day!


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